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Dr. Alyssa Zajdel is a Sport Psychologist in Milwaukee, WI and online. Specializing in anxiety, performance, and confidence.


Treatment for Anxiety and Peak Performance

Milwaukee, WI and Online

feel calm,
confident, and

Things have gotten to feel like 

too much.

Maybe you:

Work really really hard but
still don't get the results
you are striving for
Think about something you said or something you did, long after everyone else has forgotten about it
Feel like your body just doesn’t cooperate and do what you want it to do, even when you try so hard
Say mean things to yourself
you would NEVER say
to anyone else
Have difficulty knowing how you really feel, and even if you did know, you’d have no idea what to do with it
Question why things are so challenging when it feels like everyone else gets through life more easily



have to be this way.

Dr. Alyssa Zajdel is a Sport Psychologist in Milwaukee, WI and online. Specializing in anxiety, performance, and confidence.

Hi! My name is Alyssa.

I’m a sport psychologist who specializes in managing anxiety, reaching peak performance, and improving confidence. 


You already have so many strengths and insights that will help you overcome these challenges. As your therapist, I partner with you to help you meet your goals. Together, we will ease overthinking, overcome self-doubt, and stop the comparison game.

You can feel “enough.”



It’s easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted with everything you’ve got going on. 


Learn the tools to decrease overthinking, build emotional resilience, and live more mindfully.



Maybe your sport or work is no longer fun and energizing because you feel frustrated and defeated. 


Together, we will clarify your goals, increase motivation, and build skills to get you the results you strive for.



When you’re feeling insecure, self-critical, indecisive, and inferior, everything is much harder. 


Actually come to like yourself again by enhancing your self-esteem and striving towards authenticity.

Starting therapy should be




How It Works:


Fill out the introduction form.


Say hello by telling me a little about yourself and what you are looking for in therapy. You also have a chance to indicate if you would like a free 15-minute phone consultation to ensure we are a good fit before setting up a first appointment.


Get into the online practice system.

Complete paperwork, send secure messages, access video calls, and reschedule appointments all through my HIPAA-compliant practice management system. Everything is located in one place to make it easy!


Begin living the life you imagined. 

Get to know me, map out your goals, and generate ideas for how to get where you want to go in the first session. With each session, understand yourself better and practice tools to improve your day-to-day functioning.

Therapy tailored to you, both





Appreciate the ritual of setting aside space for self-care, while building a deep connection?

In-person sessions are available in Milwaukee to really be present while working on your transformation. My office is easily accessible from Wauwatosa, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Glendale, Whitefish Bay, and Shorewood.


Prefer the ease of staying at home and squeezing in sessions when it is most convenient?


Video sessions can be accessed from anywhere (no commute needed!) in Wisconsin including Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, Racine, and Waukesha. All you need is a private space, a phone, tablet, or computer, and a good internet connection.

Across the US

Located in the US outside of Wisconsin but still think we would make a great team?


I'm licensed in Florida, so can see clients in cities such as Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando. As a member of PsyPact, I can also provide telehealth in 39 other US states. Check out this map to see if you are eligible!

What if you could feel like

you are enough

as you are?

You are more resilient than you think.

Together, we can get you where you want to go.

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