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Do You Need a Certain Body to Be a Figure Skater?

Updated: Jan 1

Looking at Olympic figure skaters, it seems like the only way to be a figure skater is to be lean, somewhat short, flexible, and have a smaller body size/frame.

Especially with the often revealing and form-fitting costumes in the sport, it can easily lead to comparison and bring up body insecurities.

How does your vision of a “skater’s body” impact your view of your own body and your skills?

Sometimes, figure skaters may feel like they aren’t able to land their advanced jumps because of their body size, or their spirals aren’t as high as they “should” be because of the size/shape of their body.

However, mastering these skills is more about building strength and flexibility than looking a certain way or being a certain size. For example:

  • Spiral not high enough? Add some flexibility training!

  • Jumps not getting enough airtime? Add some strength training to give your leg muscles the power they need to propel you into the air!

So, what kind of body do you need to be a figure skater?

Here’s a checklist:

Do you have a body?

  • Yes

  • No

If yes, then your body is equipped to figure skate!

Especially now, with Adaptive Skating programs and competitive opportunities (e.g., Special Olympics, Skate United), there are avenues for bodies of all types to get involved in figure skating.

Happy skating to all bodies!

Want to work with a sport psychologist to foster a better relationship with your body? 


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